A Scalm November morning.

Scalm park, Selby.

Little wood pond.

Is it really November already? You could have fooled me. Arriving at the venue just before 7:45  as dawn was just breaking the temperature gauge in the van read a balmy fifteen degrees. The sky’s were clear and a little mist was starting to rise from today’s pond of choice.

Little Wood pond is a v shaped mixed water with bephs ranging from 3 to 8 feet split at the middle by foot bridge, is well sheltered to one side and has a good head of double figure carp and many other species of coarse fish all in fantastic condition.

Parking is very close to the pond but even so in this balmy weather I had still managed worked up enough of a sweat getting my gear to the peg to end up sat there in just a Tshirt. As this was going to be just a short morning session and with conditions as they were I decided to fish the margins, no ground bait, no building up the swim just straight forward pleasure fishing. And my weapon of choice? The superb Middy white knuckle 6m margin pole costing only £40 brand new with two pre elasticated top kits, and value for money wise this little piece of kit takes some beating. I know some of you out there will probably look down your noses at it but put it this way, I couldn’t go for a night out or even go watch a football match for that price, and looked after properly will do a decent job for many years to come. Anyway, back to the fishing.

A sprinkling of maggots and a quick  check of the depth which was 3 ft and we’re away, and straight into the action. You really can’t go wrong with maggots at this venue. After a couple of hours of almost a fish a chuck action the swim quieted down somewhat, but the way the float behaviour changed with its lifting and drifting could only mean one thing, the bigger fish had arrived.

At this point I feel it’s worth talking about this kind of float behaviour. During the summer months the fish are full of confidence and there’s no mistaking bites as the float goes flying under the surface and the fish charge away with your bait, at this time of the year the waters are cooling and the fish are slowing down a bit. One thing I find helps me catch this time of year is to dot the float down in the water with a number six  shot just a couple of inches from the hook, this enables me to see very definite lift bites as the bigger fish suck up the bait and take the weight of the shot from the float, this lift indication gives me a second or so striking window which otherwise may be ignored. I fact over the next three hours I netted several high single to low double figure carp this way,pick of the bunch although not the biggest was this beautiful 6lb mirror!

What I’m trying to say here is don’t be put off by the colder wether, don’t be putting the gear away, learn to adapt to the changing seasons and get out there.

To summarise Scalm Park little wood lake is a fantastic little venue for pleasure anglers of all abilities, and the day ticket price of £5 pay on the bank makes it incredibly good value for money!